One of the things I learned through those [FFA] experiences is that the world is vast! It extends beyond your hometown.”
–D. Jagielo. Dresser, WI 

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The Leadership Matching Challenge is sponsored by the Individual Giving Council. The Council was established to be advocates for individual financial support of the National FFA Foundation Mission which is to build partnerships with industry, education, government, foundations and individuals to secure resources for the future of education, agriculture and student leader development.

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National FFA - Direct your donation to a National FFA Core Focus

Leadership Fund

The leadership fund identifies the areas within FFA and agriculture education that allow agriculture students to believe, serve and give. Learn more.

The leadership fund supports new initiatives, program development and a variety of programs that are underfunded. The money raised through the leadership fund help fund areas where needed most.

Agricultural Education

Funds designated toward agricultural education increase awareness of the importance of agriculture in America and around the globe.Learn more.

Funds also establish self-confidence in agriculture students promoting personal growth. Agricultural education allows students to increase their knowledge in agriculture with the proper resources provided to them. Initiatives that could be supported include teacher training, teacher recruitment, hunger relief and education, global agriculture initiatives and much more. For more information about these initiatives please visit

FFA and Student Development

Funds designated to this area develop the character of agriculture students through programs that teach the importance of interpersonal skills while building citizenship, character, interpersonal skills and premier leadership skills. Learn more.

Participation in FFA programs allows students to flourish and develop to become tomorrow’s leaders. Initiatives that could be supported include state and national officer training, the chapter leadership continuum, alumni development programs, diversity and inclusion programs, member recruitment and retention and much more. For more information about these initiatives please visit

Experiential Learning

Funds designated to this area inspire students to further their agricultural knowledge through first-hand experiences in agriculture that aid in the development of career success. Learn more.

Experiential learning allows students to excel in an area of their choice to hone skills and train for a future career. Initiatives that could be supported include career development events (CDE), proficiency award programs, supervised agricultural experience (SAE) programs, service learning and much more. For more information about these initiatives please visit


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